Biodiversity Monitoring

We manage, design and implement  large and small scale biodiversity monitoring programs for protected areas, conservation landscapes, Net positive impact programs and restoration projects.

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Conservation, Planning and Management

We work with private land owners, protected areas, communities and businesses to design, manage and plan for conservation outcomes.

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Mitigation, Offsets & Policy

We assist with biodiversity mitigation and offset planning and work with corporation, small businesses and local and national governments to design net positive impact policies.

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Our Focus

GCA principally focuses its program and project work on practical measures to improve human livelihoods through ecosystem and wildlife protection. We believe that the key to the prosperity of all people lies in their capacity to understand and use their natural resources sustainably and care for nature as stewards. We are particularly committed to ensuring that impoverished rural communities have the tools and skills to participate in the sustainable management of the resources that most affect their lives. We have learned that on-the ground conservation only succeeds if the methods and solutions come from local communities. At the same time, we feel that businesses and corporations must adopt a nature-friendly set of operating principles if they are to truly meet the needs and interests of the global community they serve.


Next Steps...

Please contact us if you think your community, business, ranch or protected area could use our assistance